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Founded in 2018, we aimed to shift the narrative.

We are a lifestyle brand that values the integration of God and Science in our learning, lifestyle, and love for the world around us.


Close your eyes and IMAGINE the rooms you’ll be invited in and tables you’ll build because you bet on yourself. 

Eyes haven’t seen and ears haven’t heard what God has planned for you.

Remain in discovery. Remain teachable. Remain fashioned in your uniqueness.


Our community shares our heart beat and we ensure you quality products, engagement, and experiences.

Now, throw on our conscious apparel and grab our mug to jump start your day!

Live Reviews

“Just first impression. I love the quality and feel. Love the message & colors! Definitely excited to wear!” - Ajsa M. , Atlanta, GA

“I’m blown away by these products, the T-shirt material was made with great quality, LOVED IT. Also, I received my multiple coffee mugs for stocking stuffers but I may have to order more because I want to keep all of them.” - Franc, Washington, DC

“The mugs were beautiful, inspiration note, and the quality is unmatched. Clearly, I’m super excited"!” - Kita, Hartford, CT

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New Release: Kids’ Collection 2021


Our future leaders definitely have next! Let’s empower and encourage them today.ou.

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Please email all inquiries to gns.n.team@gmail.com

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